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The Variety Genre Of Dangdut Indonesia

One of the Indonesian Dangdut Koplo Singers Shows

You need to know, that dangdut is a genre of music. Dangdut is most popular music genre in indonesia already listed on UNESCO. But dangdut is not confined to one variation course, but grow and develop into some kind of musical genre in the dangdut.

The kind of genre of music were following the trend in a given time. Besides, the branch of dangdut it is as a cross between dangdut major and other musical flow. So, even though there are elements were from other genres but the major line is dangdut musical.

Main instruments in dangdut it consists of a bamboo flute kettledrum; drum set, piano / keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and tambourine. By playing the main instruments, it's produce a rhythm dangdut there.
It can still couples, as with other instrument the violin the saxophone, trumpeter, tympanic and others.

Of various tools the musical instrument which become the unique characteristics of dangdut musical flute and the eardrum. Meanwhile, other instrument like a piano guitar, set, drum a tambourine can be played for all genre of music. These basic differences on a musical instrument played.

Thus music dangdut is most flexible, because it can combined with having an instrument of other genres same. For a genre of the international any rock-dut, there pop-dut, ska-dut, dut, the cha-cha disco-dut, dangdut remix, while for traditional genre of music areas, namely campursari, langgam, keroncong, jaipong, tarling dut, banyuwangi, and dangdut koplo. Genre called last currently being trend in indonesia. Dangdut koplo is the combination of indonesian traditional music ( tarling ) with dangdut basic.

In short, The Variety Genre Of Dangdut it was as follow:
From International Genre:
1. Rock-Dut (Collaboration of Rock and Dangdut)
2. Pop-Dut
3. Cha-cha Dut
4. Ska-Dut
5. Disco-Dut
6. Dangdut Remix

From Traditional Genre
1. Campursari-Dut
2. Langgam-Dut
3. Congdut
4. Pongdut
5. Tarlingdut
6. Dangdut Koplo

Ok, As a bonus, i gave a concert performances dangdut. Please watch and listen to the music. This my Dangdut groups (band) was named Bolo-Bolo Jogja.

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